Horseathlon® trains people and horses that can be recognized by the quality of their work.

Horseathlon® is a training and education concept consisting of seven pillars with which the horse is trained to become a versatile and safe companion. The seven pillars represent the seven basic areas of horse training: serenity, trail guided and ridden, lunge, circus and liberty dressage, gymnastics/dressage and knowledge & insight.

Horseathlon® is aimed at people who want to develop their knowledge and skills and reach new shores with their horse.

Ethics in dealing with horses is not a foreign word to them, and it is their goal to train their horse with love and patience to become a reliable partner, so that it remains motivated and healthy into old age. And this in small steps of success up to the high school of horsemanship.

It is possible to train in ground work & riding or only in ground work. Participation is open to different equines and levels and all riding styles.

If you are interested in going further, you will find all the information about the Horseathlon®Trainer training on our homepage.