While we cannot reinvent equestrian sports and horsemanship, we can better align them with horses’ true nature.

The underlining idea of the Horseathlon® training program is based on an in-depth understanding of the art of classical dressage, of western riding based on the ancient Californian tradition and of modern scientific discoveries.

Horseathlon® is a training program which applies to both your horse and yourself as you learn to live together. The horse is respected and considered as a sensitive and independent being with a temperament of her own. Horseathlon® offers a varied training program which will allow you to progress harmoniously and satisfyingly, while dealing with the forces and strengths of your horse/human duo. Throughout this training program your horse will become your genuine partner.

Here your equestrian riding style is not important as the anatomy, psychology, didactic and proper work with the horse are independent of your riding discipline.

Horseathlon® is a continued learning experience which constantly question our know-how and techniques to ensure a path towards an authentic art of horsemanship.